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                   Physical Education Journal Guides for Contributors

 (Revised at the editorial meeting on May 9, 2014; implemented on January 1, 2015)

For better editing and review, we expect the contributors to read the guides carefully. Incomplete submissions or submissions without the “Checklist for Contribution to Physical Education Journal” and the “Copyright Transfer Agreement” will not be processed.

1. Physical Education Journal adheres to the principles of publishing original research papers relating to physical education and the field of sports. Any human, social or natural sciences empirical studies, in both Mandarin and English, relating to physical activity are welcome. The review papers will be published under the condition of the invitation from the editor in chief and approval of the peer review.

2. The Journal is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. It accepts submissions year round and initiates the review process upon receipt of a manuscript. 

3. All submissions will undergo a mutually anonymous review process. Please ensure that neither personal information nor other information identifying the contributor appears on the manuscript. The procedure from receiving manuscripts, reviewing, to the defense will take 2 to 5 months. For more detailed review procedure, please read the “Editing and Review Procedure” of this Journal.

4. Guidelines for Manuscript

 (1) For the reviewers’ convenience, please type the paper from left to right, in a 12-point font size, with a page number and a line number displayed at the left side of each page.

 (2) Please fill out the online contribution system with the title of the paper, author’s name, author’s institution, city, nationality, zip code of the author’s location, telephone number, fax number, E-mail address, a running title (i.e. a simplified title) within 20 Chinese words, etc.  

 (3) Chinese and English abstracts need to be included in the manuscript. Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusion, and Keywords should be in bold font. The paper relating to social history of sports or philosophy of sport is allowed to adopt other appropriate format, yet an abstract summarizing the main points of the paper is still required. The keywords should be no more than five; the Chinese abstract is 400~600 words; the English abstract is 300~600 words.  

 (4) Except those papers relating to social history or philosophy, the general papers should include five clear and irreplaceable chapters: introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and reference. The Chinese subheadings in the paper should be marked in order as follow: 壹、一、(一)、1(1)a(a). The papers relating to social history of sports or philosophy of sport are allowed to adopt other appropriate formats yet need to be constructed with a clear problem statement and report structure, which includes the following sections: the context of the problems, the theoretical dialogues and citations, applications and analyses of evidences, and the theoretical significances or the domestic and international significances. APA format is required in the bibliography of all papers. 

 (5) The charts in the paper should be titled and marked in order as Table 1, Table 2… or Figure 1, Figure 2, and so on. The content of the charts should be clear and brief. Please see Part 3 of APA format in this Journal for the sample of charts.

 (6) The numbers appearing in the text should be typed in Arabic number. Please adopt SI system for unit and use standardized international signs and symbols as much as possible.   

 (7) A foreign name should be translated into Chinese as much as possible; the original name should be attached in a parenthesis as its Chinese name appears for the first time. Except for the proper nouns, the original name should be typed without a capital letter. The full name is required as the abbreviation of the Chinese or English name appears in the text for the first time.   

 (8) The printing pages of the paper should be no more than 15 pages after typesetting. The author should pay NT$1,000 for each page (starting with page 16) if the printing pages of the paper are over 15. Yet, the total pages should be no more than 22.

5. The Journal will provide every accepted Chinese manuscript with the service of Romanized bibliography and the English editing for the readers’ reference and citation. The service for every accepted manuscript charges NT$1,000.  

6. Please cite and reference in APA 6th edition style for the bibliography or in the Chinese citation style which is presented in the journal-provided sample. We value the citations from the newest and the most-related original journal essays more than that from MA theses, dissertations, or materials from the textbooks.  

7. The author of the accepted paper has to sign the “Copyright Transfer Agreement” and agree to transfer the copyright to Physical Education Journal. No part of the content of the paper may be reproduced in any other publications or website without prior permission.

8. Administrative affairs fee for contribution: member of Society of Physical Education NT$1,500; nonmember NT$2,000; account no.: 01399771; account name: 中華民國體育學會林靜萍 (National Society of Physical Education of the Republic of China, Lin, Jing-Ping)

9. Please submit the following documents to complete the contribution: (1) a converted PDF file without the author’s personal information; (2) Copyright Transfer Agreement; (3) Checklist for Contribution; (4) the payment receipt of administrative affairs fee for reviewing. Please mail the documents (2) ~ (3) upload to Ipress system.  (4) pleas send the documents to rocnspe@gmail.com.

10. Others:

1. The Journal is allowed to invite the renowned academic experts or scholars to submit manuscripts or to program special issue on its own initiative. The review/contribution procedure of this kind of manuscripts should follow the Journal’s regulations.

2. In the case that a manuscript has several co-authors, please complete the online contribution with a contact person’s name and account. We will contact and discuss the review affairs with the contact person.

3. When filling in online contribution, the contributor may provide no more than 3 “avoided reviewers” for the editors’ reference. 

4. If the author of the manuscript is an editorial committee member of the Journal, the editor in chief may assign other area editors to handle the manuscript. Also, the author of the manuscript should provide the list of avoided reviewers and other information relating to review.  






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