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Composition of Editorial Committee and Review Procedure

 (Revised at the editorial committee meeting on January 17, 2014)

1. Physical Education Journal” (the “Journal”) is issued regularly by the National Society of Physical Education of the Republic of China (the “Society”). The editorial committee of the Journal, composed of 9~15 members, takes responsibility for manuscript reviewing and the publishing affairs.

2. The Journal has 1 publisher, which is taken by the chairman of the Society, and 1 editor in chief whose tenure is for 2 years. The editor in chief who is assigned by the chairman of the Society takes responsibility for planning review procedures, convening editorial meetings, and deciding the direction of the Journal. The committee is composed of the domestic and overseas scholars who are invited and employed by the editor in chief. The committee members include 2 deputy editor in chief and 5 ~ 7 area editors, who, with a term of 2 years and the possibility of being reappointed for1 extra term for necessity, assist in reviewing academic manuscripts. It also has 1 full-time secretary who is in charge of receiving and sending manuscripts, reminding of deadlines, contacting the printeries, etc. The members of the Society shall be less than 1/3 of the Journal’s editorial committee.

3. The contribution and review process of the Journal proceeds online with mutually anonymousness between the reviewers and the contributors.  

4. The Journal initiates the review process upon receipt of a manuscript. The procedure from receiving manuscripts, reviewing, to defense will take 2 to 5 months. The Journal will initiate a “format review” process by the Journal’s guidelines for manuscripts. The disqualified manuscript will be returned for revision, which should be no more than 2 times. If the 3rd version of the manuscript doesn’t meet the requirements, the author is invited to resubmit the paper.

5. If the manuscript passes the format review, the corresponding editor of the Journal will then initiate a “content review” process to preliminarily review the manuscript’s values, significance, and coherence with the Journal. The manuscript that doesn’t pass the content review will be returned as the passed manuscript will be sent to 2 reviewers who are assigned by the corresponding area editor according to the category of the manuscript. In principle, the review process takes 2 weeks; yet, it will be shorter as the area editor assigns another reviewer to facilitate the review process for necessity.  

6. If the result of the review is reassessment after revision, the full-time secretary will inform the contributor to revise according to the review comments and reply with the complete version within 2 weeks for the editor’s reconsideration. The contributor who fails to reply within 2 weeks will be taken as giving up the review.

7. The review comments and results will be sent to the author via mail. There are three possibilities for the review results:

(1) “Approval after revision”: If the comments from both reviewers are “approval after revision,” the manuscript that is revised by the author will be judged by the area editor and then confirmed by the deputy editor in chief or the editor in chief.

 (2) “Reassessment after revision”: In either one of the following case, the manuscript should have been revised by the author until the review comment is “approval after revision” or “disapproval.” The revised manuscript will be judged by the area editor and then confirmed by the deputy editor in chief or the editor in chief.

a. Both review comments are “reassessment after revision.”

b. One of the review comments is “approval after revision” as the other is “reassessment after revision.”

(3). “Disapproval”:

a. If one of the review comments is “reassessment after revision” or “approval after revision” and the other “disapproval,” the manuscript will be judged by the area editor or reviewed by the third assigned reviewer.

b. If both review comments are “disapproval,” the manuscript will be judged by the area editor and confirmed by the deputy editor in chief or the editor in chief.

8. The paper will be published and the certificate of publication for the paper will be issued under the condition that the paper has passed the review of the area editorial committee.

9. In the case that any one of the co-authors of the manuscript is an editorial committee member, the editor in chief or the publisher should assign the corresponding reviewers by the principles of avoidance.

10. The Journal is published in March, June, September, and December respectively. The publications of the papers are arranged in order by the editorial committee according to the accepted publishing dates or the orders of the contribution.  

10. As the Journal receives the “Copyright Transfer Agreement” from the author, the Journal will simultaneously publish the hard copy of the paper and cooperate with Airiti Inc. to provide the digital version for the readers to download through the electronic databank.




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