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Publisher: National Society of Physical Education, Republic of  China




Vice Editor-in-Chief:C.Liu   and   P.C.Lee


Section Editors:

Sport and Exercise Physiology: C. C.   Huang

Sport Biomechanics: Y. J. Chang 

Sport and Exercise Psychology: P. W. Ku

Sport Management: W. B. Lin

Sport Pedagogy:  C.C.Chou  

Philosophy and History of Sports:  Y.H.Tseng

Measurement and Evaluation: L. H. Chen



Editorial Members

USA: A. Chen

China: Y. Liu

UK: D. Fong

Australia:  Kazunori Nosaka

Singapore:Y. H. Kee

UK:C. H. Wu

USA:C. T. Wu

Malaysia:Garry Kuan


Editorial Assistants:

C. L. Hung , J. Z. Lin, P. C. Chen, W. C. Tseng , F. M. Wei


Editorial Secretary: Y. L. Ting, A. T. Chiang


ISSN 1024-7297




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